Rhinoplasty, nose job, nose surgery

What is rhinoplasty? Nose surgery and nose job

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Rhinoplasty is the name given to surgery to change the outer shape of the nose. The procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon. A rhinoplasty can be useful for a variety of reasons, many patients can be, for example, reduce their nose. Find out more about the reasons and the course of a nose job and the possible risks of the procedure here.

What is a nose job?

The shape of the nose is determined by various anatomical structures. Every human being has a unique nose through the combination of cartilaginous, bony and soft tissue parts. Extra tissue is needed in the nose job to change the outer shape of the nose.

When do you perform a nose job?

A rhinoplasty is performed for a variety of reasons:

Aesthetic reasons: Nasal surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures. Often desired is a nose reduction, narrowing, the correction of a saddle or crooked nose or the narrowing of the nostrils.

Functional reasons: If the natural form of the nose impedes breathing, in some cases this can be remedied by rhinoplasty.

Reconstruction of the nose: In rare cases a natural nose shape has to be restored after injuries or failed previous operations.

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