Alanya Tours , Alanya Boat Tour , Alanya rafting tour

We organize outstanding  Alanya Tours   One of them is Alanya Boat Tour   It goes along the Mediterranean coast. Visit to the most beautiful bays and sea caves. Our boat looks like a wooden pirate ship. Many swim breaks at the most beautiful and famous places like the Cleopatra beach and the phosphourus cave. Relax in the sun and enjoy the music on the boat.

Another tour which we offer is Alanya rafting tour   The Alanya rafting tour is full of action and fun. Proffessional guides are with you all the time. The fun will last several hours on the beşkonak river. We will make even a stop to play a game and jump in the fresh water. Beskonak river is perfect  for Rafting. it is the most popular water sports for adventure seekers. The adventure tour starts with groups of people in a rafting boat with a guide inside.

Everyone is sitting along the sides of the boat if you want to go with a team. Action, Adventure together with the rest of the group. You can also have a two man boat on your own. This is without guide. A great nature is waiting of you underway you can admire the nice surroundings, turquise coloured water, and the ancient bridge over the river.